Ash Memorials

Keep your loved ones close to your heart ❤

The loss of a loved one is always difficult, and sometimes it helps to design something symbolic to heal. Together, we can envision a piece that will be a vessel of memories with your cherished loved ones for years to come.

We offer a variety of options for preserving your loved ones in glass. 
Marbles/Paper Weights
  1. All pieces are unique and customized so a consultation with the artist is required to determine what kind of features, sizing, shapes, and colours are applicable for the project
  2. A price and time estimate is given. If accepted, a deposit of $25 is made. 
  3. The client then mails or delivers a small amount of ash (1-2 teaspoons) to the studio. 
  4. Once the piece is complete, we will send pictures of the piece.
    • If it IS NOT to your satisfaction we will try again. If it not to your satisfaction again then we will refund you half of your deposit and mail you back the ashes if you wish. 
    • If it IS to your satisfaction then the remaining balance will be paid via etransfer or Paypal and the item shipped along with any remaining ashes. 

*DISCLAIMER* In the style of Lampworking, we are limited in size of items we can make. Our products are generally no more than 3 inches